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December 11th, 2008

Pogle's Network

I've been using names from Smallfilms series on our network for a long time. It goes back to when marypcb, tanais and I shared a house in Bath. One of the machines there was called "Tiny Clanger", and my peripatetic PowerBook 140 quite quickly became the "Iron Chicken" (and also the name of my Demon node fehen.demon.co.uk and later my consulting company Fehen Consulting Ltd).

Since then we've used a mix of names from different series. ThorNogson is my bedside iBook, Moonmouse our Media Centre PC. I went through a run of desktop PCs called Ivor, and currently am using machines named after two of Ivor's dragon friends - Blodwen and Idris. Other machines that have been and gone have included Bagpuss, Emily and Yaffle, with our wireless access points currently named Noggin and Nooka (replacing an old Airport base station called Graculus). Recent additions have been the Windows 7 testbeds Pippin and Tog.

That's why it made sense to name the latest arrival, a MacBook bought from eBay that I needed for some work that required an Intel Mac, Pogle.

Oliver Postgate was a huge influence on me as a child. I like to think of our network as our little memorial to a wonderful source of memories.