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November 21st, 2008

Augmented Wineries

We wanted to show friends a favourite Paso Robles winery; we pulled up Google Maps on the Media Center PC in the lounge and dragged the little man onto a dusty back road to cruise around. But how about doing that when we’re actually there?

I like that iPhone 2.2 has some aspects of augmented reality in the Google street view elements of the mapping tool. Drop a pin onto the map, and you'll find the same street view on your phone as in the browser. Of course, with GPS and an accelerometer there's the scope to actually overlay the street view images on the real world - now all we need is to get that implemented, and tied into a tagging application to actually overlay the world with Yelp or Zagat or, well, whatever...

Of course one could just augment reality with a nice zin...


Late autumn (or as we should call it, fall) in the Los Altos hills, above Silicon Valley, is the end of the long dry summer.

High above the valley, up in the Monte Bello preserve, the grass is golden brown, drooped down by the first of the autumn rains, ready to pass away in the winter cold. Standing high above them is a teasel head, saved from the ubiquitous deer by its spines. It stands proud, its seeds long gone, a reminder of the fruitful days of summer.


Teasel head in the Monte Bello preserve, off Page Mill Road, near Skyline.

Los Altos, California
November 2008