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September 16th, 2008

They Walk The Crack

They walk the crack

The filled-in Shibboleth installation at the Tate Modern still grabs the eye - and the lens.

Tate Modern, London
September 2008

Open Channel Dev

Google has just opened up access to the development builds from the updater tools inside the Chrome browser (you could download always download dev builds from the Chrome site, or build your own copy of Chromium...). You can download a small tool, the Chrome Channel Chooser, to define which branch of the Chrome development tree the built-in updater uses - the slow but stable beta branch, and the fast, but risky, dev channel.


I'm going for dev. I kind of fancy the ride.

In The Water Cage

In the Water Cage

People playing in the temporary water maze fountains at the South Bank Centre, on a hot September afternoon.

South Bank, London
September 2008