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August 25th, 2008

Sad Cat News from Putney

We lost one of the Putney mogs at the weekend. Not the Jeffster, who's recovered remarkably well from his amputation. Instead it was a sudden and surprising loss, as Calli the little yellow cat was found dead by our downstairs neighbour who was cat sitting.

I'd only been away less than 24 hours. We're completely shocked, and terribly sad.

Calli had been rescued as a semi-feral kitten back in 1998. She was very affectionate, and followed us around the house, protesting with her high pitched mew if she saw us leaving the safety of the house. She'd done outside, and inside was so much nicer. We're going to miss our little yellow shadow, who followed us from room to room, making sure her humans never got too far away.

Here's the last photograph I took of her.

Last photo


Those tiny wings...

Friday afternoon, dealing with my jet-lag by supping fine tea and eating jook and scones in Yerba Buena Gardens, I watched a pair of hummingbirds duelling their way around a flowering hedge.

One settled deep into the body of the hedge, and it let me get surprisingly close.

Close enough for this photograph.

Those little wings...

A beautiful, tiny little bird.

I suspect it was a female Anna's Hummingbird