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August 14th, 2008

There's not a lot I don't eat...

I had a run through that list of foods that's going around, and there's very little on it that I haven't eaten (and only one thing I wouldn't eat at all - if smoking counts as eating!).

That Simon, he'll eat most things...Collapse )

No natto on the list, though...


Back to Nutwood

Following up from yesterday's post about Bryan Talbot's Grandville, I had a brief email chat with Bryan about that page, and he gave me permission to quote from his emails...
You'll see (eventually) that when the detective (the owner of the last speech balloon there) is leaving the village a few pages later, not only does he pass Rupert's dad trimming a hedge but the sign at the railway station reads "Nutwood".

You can actually see Rupert's dad mowing the lawn on that page - the house opposite and in front of the church is Rupert's.
Steampunk Rupert Bear? I am so there!