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August 13th, 2008

The Naked Artist (Online)

Bryan Talbot's hilarious The Naked Artist, a book full of anecdotes from inside the comic industry, is now online for you all to read for free. As the blab goes:
The book you’ve all been waiting for! COMIC BOOK LEGENDS is an outrageous collection of the unreported exploits of comic creators, the stories only usually told late at night between the hallowed walls of convention pro bars! EISNER AWARD WINNER Bryan Talbot brings you the anecdotes, funny, shocking and downright weird, told about your favorite comic writers and artists, from Simon Bisley to Neil Gaiman, from Grant Morrison to Jeff Smith!
Still worth buying, though!

I've not come across Wowio before. It looks quite interesting, though it appears you need to be online to read books - but it seems to have a large free library that also includes graphic novels.


Death in Nutwood?

I was looking at the sample pages for Bryan Talbot's upcoming Grandville, his upcoming steam-punk anthropomorphic graphic novel, and enjoying the illustration of a pistol-toting badger detective, when I saw something rather familiar...

click to open the page on Bryan's site

Isn't that a classic Alfred Bestall Nutwood, straight from the endpapers of a Rupert Bear annual?

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Grandville...