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August 9th, 2008

All the colours of sunset

Sunset Colours

The sun had just sent when I went up on the roof the other night. We'd just had the news about Jeoff, and I needed to just sit with the camera for a while. Nature came up trumps with one of the calmest, most colourful sunsets I'd seen for a long while. The red and gold of the sunset slowly faded over the horizon, chased by the dark blue of the night sky.

A lovely moment in a stressful week.

Putney, London
August 2008

On a cold wet summer day...

...memories of warmer weekends past...

Hungerford Sun

I like the way the setting sun halos the pedestrians walking past the bridge supports. It's a splash of light in what could have been a very dark image.

South Bank, London
August 2008