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July 28th, 2008

World's largest USB port...

Spotted at the BT Home Hub launch event - a rather large model of the device in question.

Posted by ShoZu

[Edit: Huzzah! Direct photoblogging to LJ from an iPhone...]
So the San Francisco city prosecutors have managed to put the entire set of key city passwords for the city's network into the public domain:
A list of 150 usernames and passwords of city officials was submitted to court as an exhibit last week. Childs, 43, was arrested on 12 July on charges of tampering with the city's FiberWAN network. He allegedly changed passwords and refused to hand them over to administrators, leaving city bosses locked out.
I wonder just how much control they have of the network today, after the world's black hats have danced through their systems for an entire weekend.

Can you spell "pwn3d"?

Or in the immortal words of a character on Veronica Mars: "Hey, it's not pwnage. I'm on your team!"

The Shadow Cat

The Shadow Cat

Calli in the window, on a hot summer's day.

Putney, London
July 2008

The Edge Of The Sky

Brick Sky

Looking out the office window, at the sky and the edge of our neighbour's home, the red and yellow of the London brick baking in the summer heat.

Putney, London
July 2008