July 15th, 2008

Travel Day

So here I am, a third of the way around the world from where I was this morning, soaking up the sun to deal with any jet lag.

Why is it that the simplest part of a journey often seems to be the hardest? District Line problems this morning meant I had to squeeze my suitcase into a crowded tube. I perched on the case and emulated every Londoner's totem animal: the sardine. Everything else was a doddle.The Heathrow Express expressed, and my newish Virgin Atlantic gold card got me through their dedicated fast track security line in no time at all. In fact there was enough time to get a cooked breakfast in the lounge, before hunting down my plane. An at the gate upgrade meant I had a comfortable flight in premium economy and a quick pass through immigration once we landed in San Francisco.

San Jose is warm and sunny, and my hotel room is the size of many London flats.

Tomorrow it's on with the grind, with the start of two days of workshops at Adobe.