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April 29th, 2008

Living la vida freelance

marypcb , faced with piles of paperwork, has just been cat hoovering...

...with one of these, a little USB vacuum cleaner which I picked up as trade show schwag from a stand at RSA2008...

Surprisingly Pebble didn't seem to mind.

A gentle golden rain

San Francisco Harbour Fireworks

Fireworks over San Francisco Harbour

April 2008

Launching some video

Testing out Flickr's new video upload with a quick snippet of the STS-117 launch taken from Titusville. It's from about a minute into the launch, but you can just still here the constant rumble of the solid rocket boosters.

I'm quite impressed with the speed of the upload, and the quality of the conversion into Flash. I may use my little pocket video recorder a lot more now...

Beware of the Dragon

Beware of the Dragon

Hobbiton USA is a very very strange place, and we stopped there to save you all from the experience of seeing an unconvincing blue Gandalf outside a decaying hobbit hole.

(Un)fortunately the attraction was closed for the season, and we were able to avoid the wrath of Smaug.

sbisson and marypcb: visiting roadside Americana so you don't have to.

April 2008