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February 27th, 2008

A quick question for US folks

Do any of the US GSM operators do SIM only pay-as-you-go accounts? It occurs to me that as I have an unlocked phone I could save some money with a US SIM card rather than paying exorbitant roaming fees...

If so: then who would you recommend?

Life imitates Art

Maybe Miriam isn't in Boston after all.

Looks like the Family civil wars are getting a little close to home for autopope...

Sunset Pilings

Sunset Pilings

Sunset Pilings

There are a lot of little jetties along the French Riviera - and there used to be many more than there are today. Occasionally you'll see the decaying remnants of one, water lapping at the last few pilings. These were particularly attractive, silhouetted as the sun sank slowly over the hills around Cannes.

Juan-Les-Pins, France
February 2008