June 8th, 2006

Deep in the bowels of FIFA

This isn't Putney any more, Toto. Not when two chaps in orange wigs shoot past on go-carts, and there's a giant bicycle with footballs for wheels propped up against a lamp post. That and there are lions in football strips all over the place. I suspect they ate the Cow Parade.

Today I am in Munich, for a set of VoIP briefings. As the company I'm talking to has provided the IT infrastructure for the World Cup, this morning I was scanned, security checked, covered in passes, and let into the bowels of the Munich's old airport. Now a conference centre, it's the nerve centre for the broadcast and IT infrastructure that's linking all the stadiums and training grounds. A fascinating place, full of little wooden buildings and cabling, it's going to make cracking copy for my monthly messaging column.

The rest of the day, well, it's been PowerPoint.

I'll upload the picture of the naked anime football fairy later.

Tomorrow I seem to be going to see some football match here in Munich. It'll actually be the first game I'll have ever seen.