October 1st, 2005

Announcing: A New IT World

A New IT World is my new blog, focusing on the big changes now happening in the IT world.
The world of enterprise IT is changing - from server to desktop and everywhere in between.

You've heard the buzzwords: service architectures, loosely coupled applications, virtualisation, serialisation, network storage, network processing. These are just some of the ways in which the way we do IT are changing - a change that will have as much effect on the way businesses work as the arrival of the desktop PC.

I'm Simon Bisson, a technology journalist and consultant who's been writing about these issues for a long time now - and with the real world experience of designing and building large-scale loosely coupled systems: from telecom research labs to the early days of national ISPs, and from photo hosting platforms to telecom service platforms. It's been a long road from the early '90s to today - and a lot is happening around the world.

A lot of what I've been writing recently in my pieces for The Guardian and elsewhere has been about what I'm calling a "phase change in Enterprise IT". It's that point where all these changes are coming together to change the way we design and deliver IT. It's a place where hardware is abstract, where the OS and storage are virtual, where UI becomes contextual, and where process and service mean much more than applications.
I've syndicated it at: itphasechange.


Fallen Roses

Fallen Roses
Originally uploaded by sbisson.
Beauty is ephemeral. It falls to the ground, and fades to dust, like all men do.

Catch and hold it while you can. There is poetry in the moment.

It will be gone.


Fallen roses on a terrace at the Getty Center.

Los Angeles, September 2005