August 19th, 2005

It's the shininess that sells, not the features...

Yesterday marypcb and I wandered along to one of the many Christmas events that occur at this time of year, when technology companies show off the gadgets that will hit the stores in time for Christmas purchases.

One of the exhibitors at this event was Belkin, demonstrating their new range of Pure AV cables and power supplies (yes, you will be able to get a UPS for your home media set up...). Part of their range was a conditioned power supply for home AV equipment - with a diagnostic display on the front.

All very useful, and nicely encased in brushed aluminium. However there was one sad thing we learnt. Apparently focus groups saw the PSU as having one killer feature. It wasn't the fact that it would protect your expensive home cinema equipment from power surges, lightning strikes and power outages.


It was the fact that you could choose to illuminate the display with a range of different LED colour effects.

I guess they might be right after all.

Never overestimate the general public.
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Teeny Tiny Radio Controlled Plane - Want! Now!

This is extremely nifty - a radio controlled aircraft that weighs only 3.6g.

Sure, it's $239.00, but it flies, in your living room!

It even comes with a simulator so you can learn to fly the plane on your PC without crashing it into the aspidistra, or breaking those precious knick-knacks on the mantelpiece...