August 2nd, 2005

Useful application of the day: Synergy

Synergy is a rather nifty little tool that allows you to share a mouse and keyboard between several PCs. As it's a software tool it also allows you to share clipboards between your machines - so you can cut and paste from one machine to another, avoiding all that tedious file transfer...

It's easy enough to set up - the same code acts as server and client.

Just choose the machine that'll be the server (I use my desktop), and then the machines that will be the clients - choosing where they'll be in relation to the server screen. As I'm using it with a desktop and laptop, the server is my main PC, with the laptop a client off to the right of the server screen.

Hooking my laptop to my main PC means I now have a 4.3 million pixel desktop.
MacOS Kitten

The Kitten Review

marypcb was wondering whether a Business Readiness review would cover kittens.

Well, it already does!
While domestic cats are a common feature of many computing environments, IT review sites have proven oddly unwilling to investigate this popular computer room accessory.


Clearly, and despite competing opinions, a kitten is substantially preferable to a puppy. It's also, incidentally, obvious that a new video card is 1.5 times as desirable as a baby.

In their favour, babies can be made at home and offer superior resale value.

The kitten, however, is obviously the better option.
So kittens rule.