June 15th, 2005

A Boston Tea Party

After an uneventful flight, I risked my navigational skills by taking the T from the airport to my hotel. It turned out to be fast and efficient, if even more run-down than the Tube. Also, it's very economical - after buying a three-day pass I think I was still $20 or so ahead of the taxi fare - and probably there 20 minutes or so sooner, too...

I took the T out to Oak Grove later in the evening, to hang out at the Mystery House with tigerbright, teddywolf and their housemate browngirl (and, of course, Andromeda). Much fun had over excellent pasta and sourdough, with plenty geeking of all varieties to be had. A bunch of cool people who were great hosts.

Unfortunately I had to head back to the hotel all too soon, as the time zones finally caught up with me. However, I was compos mentis enough to deal with the shuttle bus that replaced a large chunk of my T journey...

All in all a great way to deal with jet-lag.
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