June 9th, 2005

Shameless Self Promotion

To protect you all from the menace of information underload, here's my latest piece for the Guardian.

The pieces of the next phase change in IT are about to come together in a big way: storage virtualisation, IT strategy planning, platform virtualisation, service infrastructure, service management, service-oriented architectures, open file formats, presence, and information lifecycle management.

And you read about them all - and about what they'll mean for you - first here...
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The Podcast Times

The BBC has put up a directory of its current MP3 downloads, along with their associated RSS feeds so you can subscribe in your podcasting tool of choice. I'm currently finding BlogMatrix a useful tool for handling podcasts on Windows.

Mmmm. MP3s of the main interview from The Today Programme.

Of course the regular feed of "In Our Time" alone makes it all worth it...
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