June 1st, 2005

Neat UK Google Maps hacks...

I've recently come across a couple of decent hacks of the UK Google Maps, written using tools from the backstage.bbc.co.uk service (isn't it wonderful when you can have an API to your national broadcasting company?). Using traffic information from the BBC they add additional live information to Google's service that wouldn't normally be there.

And of course they're nifty bits of AJAX work, too...

The first hack, Traveldata, takes a feed of the BBC's traffic reports and overlays the alert locations on a map of the UK. You can zoom in, see what reports are relevant to your journey, then click on an alert icon to see just what is happening.

The second, from gMaptrack, links a map of London with the BBC's Jam Cam feeds from various London traffic cameras. Just click on a location to get a pop-up view of where the camera is currently pointing. When I was trying it out the camera on Victoria embankment seemed to be looking at a tree...
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MacOS Kitten

The Shufflecraft Galileo

An iPod Shuffle built into a Shuttlecraft Galileo Christmas tree ornament.

Two near-religions in one object? Wow. We're getting close to Onion territory here!
Fictionology's central belief, that any imaginary construct can be incorporated into the church's ever-growing set of official doctrines, continues to gain popularity. Believers in Santa Claus, his elves, or the Tooth Fairy are permitted - even encouraged - to view them as deities. Even corporate mascots like the Kool-Aid Man are valid objects of Fictionological worship.
[image via the Make Flickr pool]
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David Lynch Reports...

...the Weather.

Who needs the LA weather forecast when you can get it from one of the greatest living film directors?

Next, the daily BOB report... Only a small chance of possession if you go into the Black Lodge...
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