September 29th, 2004

One of those "doh" moments...

iTunes struggles when dealing with large amounts of files over a network - at least when managing the files.

I've been spending some time recently trying to update the tagging on a remote server, which has been slow and tedious. The thought suddenly occurred to me: it would be faster if I ran iTunes on the server. Then I remembered Rendezvous collection sharing.


Of course, now I need to see if it works...

[Update: it works - apart from Party Shuffle]
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LJ tip: Add Skype to your LJ profile

It looks like LJ now handles the <a href="callto://username"> syntax on the user info page, so while there isn't an official Skype block on the "manage info" form, you can add something like this to your bio:

skype: sbisson

<a href="callto://your_skype_ID">your_skype_ID</a>
<img src="" border="0">

[update: looks like LJ proper supports that URI format too!]
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