September 18th, 2004

Oh ghod, I used to be able to do this..

From those lovely folks at The Joy of Tech, a classic scene of geekiness at the Geek Opera...

And not too many flashbacks to those halcyon days when I was setting up our banks of Ascends at UKOL, and I could tell the difference between a USR and a Pace modem negotiating with different MAX firmware variants...
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Happy iPod

Things we learn when fiddling with PCs: #3,456,784

Never power a sound card from the same PSU connection as a disk drive.

Doh. That took me at least 3 months to find out what made my machine do really odd things when I was doing large file transfers and playing music at the same time... It was worse, of course, as it was one of the disks in my RAID array, so caused problems when the array resynced every few minutes. So I only had to reinstall Windows once after trashing the RAID drivers in a futile attempt to get rid of the horrible noises and the speed issues...

Still, now I can play music happily - and have moved the entire 32849 tracks onto the server as well...
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Happy iPod

Invoking the Lazy Web: iPod mood icons

I don't really have the skill or the time, but this new Happy iPod icon I swiped from Joy of Tech really would work well as the start of a fun set of geeky mood icons...

(so invoking the Lazy Web)
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