August 30th, 2004

MacOS Kitten

With another Apple Expo around the corner...

...introducing the Apple Product Lifecycle as it really is...
The editors of popular Mac magazines hail the new device as the next great step toward our utopian digital future. Wired News runs exclusive interviews with the Apple design team. Fortune publishes another glowing fluff piece about Steve Jobs, proclaiming him to be the great visionary behind all technological innovation. Newsweek declares the device the new “must have” item for any self-respecting urban technophile. All of this is written before anybody outside of Cupertino has held the new device in his or her hand.

What ever they announce in Paris next week, I want one now! Or even yesterday...
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Euro Foo

O'Reilly reinvents the Whole Earth Review...

One of the talks I had to miss at Euro Foo was on Make, O'Reilly's forthcoming "mook" (it's a magazine/book) of neat projects and tools. It reminds me of the early days of Coevolution Quarterly and the Whole Earth Review - and specifically the Whole Earth Signals Catalogue that included Bruce Sterling on the editorial team.

Rar! Just what I've been looking for since WER folded.
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