August 11th, 2004

The parable of the prodigal MP3s

While putting together Idris, I had a little accident. I managed to reformat and repartition the external hard drive with all my MP3s, instead of initialising Idiris' RAID array.

As I didn't fancy ripping all my CDs again, I searched about for an effective file recovery tool that could cope with NTFS streams on disks bigger than 100 or so GB. Luckily I came across FileRecovery Pro, which did all the work for me. I removed the disk from the fireware case, attached it to a spare IDE cable, and let the software do the rest. About 12 hours later I'd saved 140GB of MP3s on to a nice fast new hard disk on my PC.

Rar for FileRecovery Pro, I think. Rar indeed!
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