August 5th, 2004

The only war that matters...

Driving down the M20 and listening to the Today programme on the Home Service, I was jerked from the long distance driving trance by a piece on the beat poets. One section that really grabbed my attention was a reference to a poem on censorship, with the line "the only war that matters is the war against the imagination".

A quick google, and I came up with a poem called "Rant", by Diane Di Prima.

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Marvelous, edgy, angry stuff...

My kind of poetry.
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The Developer

Superfluous superfluous technology

As part of my living up to the IT consolidation message I preach in my Guardian articles, my shiny new convertible tablet PC is due to arrive tomorrow morning, which means that I will be selling my trusty hybrid HP/Compaq tablet.

It's a TC1000, with two batteries (enough to give you 8 or so hours of working time), a spare pen, a pair of covers (one for just carrying the slate section), and memory expanded to the full 768MB.

I'm looking for around £700 for the beast.
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