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July 8th, 2004

Uncle Clive's Origami Bicycle

Tube ready, but rather odd looking, Clive Sinclair launches his new "A-Bike"...

Interestingly plans for the A-Bike include a future electric version. Now that could be an interesting approach to city transport -- less, err, odd than a Segway, and easier to learn to ride...

(Apologies for the terrible pun in the Yahoo! article)

At last - a decent Windows ISO mounter

Looking for a decent ISO CD image mounting tool today, I came across Daemon Tools.

One quick download later, and I was set up and ready to go. Daemon tools gives you a nice, simple menu driven tool that sits in the Windows taskbar, and allows you to set up as many virtual drives as you want, and use them to mount CD and DVD images. It's ideal for working with resources like the MSDN subscribers download library, where Microsoft has switched to using ISO images for tool distribution. You can use Daemon Tools to work with other CD image formats, and it'll even emulate most of common the disc security schemes so you can use it to work with ISOs of games (an excellent idea if you're taking a laptop on a plane) and movies - even handling region setting.

It's a lot neater than the old Windows kernel toy I'd been using as an image mounter - though I'll still stick with Undisker for image creation.

Oh, and it's free for personal use.


GIP: Photoshot

A week or two ago marypcb and I drove down to Basingstoke for a photoshoot, with the aim of getting a new set of photographs for our column in Application Development Advisor. It was an interesting experience - if involving a lot of standing around. A CD-ROM of pictures turned up this week, and I have to say - they're not bad at all. In fact, I think they're the best pictures of me I've seen to date...

So I chose one for GIPpage, and resized it from the hi-res images that are so big they don't even fit on my double LCD setup!

Click through the cut tag to see a web-sized version of me looking pretty close to my best...

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