April 28th, 2004

Grr... Tubes...

"Due to an incident at Piccadily Circus this train will be held here for approximately one hour..."

Some one must have left their bag behind...

[Posted on the road using hblogger on my Treo]

I'm meant to eat that?

To lunch today at Foliage in the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, a rather posh if eclectic restaurant.

The food was excellent, if a little strangely presented (imagine quail egg-sized pea and new potato hash browns, and smoked eel croquettes). But I had the strangest food I have ever eaten as part of the amuse-bouche...

It wasn't the food per se, more the mix of cultures that inspired it...

Curried frog's leg in a light batter.

Or is that perhaps best thought of as a frog pakora?

(Cue Pythonesque policeman and a dollop of lark's vomit)
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Geeky pen scariness

While buying comics at FP today I signed my credit card chit using the proffered pen. It was a "floating action" pen, an updated version of those 50s and 60s advertising and souvenir tat pens where the rear is liquid filled, and a picture slides over a backdrop as you tilt the pen.

This was a Stingray pen. And it was a very strange pen, one that I found strangely obscene, in a way that only a geek would notice...

Am I alone* in thinking that there is something pornographic in Marina sliding into Troy Tempest's ear?

* along with the chaps on the till in FP who were amused by my discovery
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