April 27th, 2004

The London Gent's: Duke's Hotel

Hidden away down a side street, Duke's Hotel in St James' has one of the most delightful gent's toilets in London.

Panelled in black marble and cherry wood, the marble is full of fossilised nautiloids. Classic Regency-style wall paper covers the walls, while the floors are tiled in a simple pattern of black and white marble.

While the hotel is yet another over-user of Molton Brown toiletries, it does offer its visitors refreshment in the shape of bottled water sat on the marble sink surrounds.

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Lovely rain... but a recurring question...

Thunder is rumbling around South London, and the heavens have opened, cooling things down nicely after a busy day involving furniture construction, an interesting press event, and a hot afternoon's shopping for this year's summer wardobe...

But, as marypcb and I were walking back down the road from the tube station it was just starting to spit with rain, leaving us with a question that keeps coming back: what is it that makes that lovely smell of rain on warm pavements?
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Fax me Amadeus!

W00t! Been finally setting up access to an email-to-fax gateway. I've been able to receive faxes by email for a while, now I can send them...

All I need to do is just send the file I want as an attachment to an email address that contains the phone number I want to send the fax to, and bob's a male sibling of one of your parents. I even get an email to tell me the job's done...

And it works with PDFs, so I can just use Acrobat to scan documents and make PDFs without any tedious use of text recognisers or imagage processing programs.

(One thing to note: it pays to remember whether you've run Adobe Speed Up or not before trying to make PDFs from a set of TIF files!)
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