April 26th, 2004

Bye bye first impressions...

Walking into Putney this morning I saw a chap that Tom Robinson's translation of Jaques Brel aptly named "yuppy scum". Sharp suit, shiny big black SUV in a narrow London street, and flouting the laws on using a mobile phone in his car... I inwardly sneered as I carried on my plebian stroll...

But then, a fair ways in front of me, on the other side of the street, an old man fell over while crossing a side road. Immediately the big black SUV stopped, and the driver got out, hurrying over to see if the old man was all right, helping him gather his things, and on to his feet.

The spark of human decency still exists, even in the hearts of those we expect not to have any. I walked on, feeling a bit better about the world.
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At Croydon Ikea to buy (what else?) wardrobes. However my desire for meatballs has been diverted by the large sign outside the restaurant: "Like Ikea, only better."

But it is Ikea. So how can it be better than Ikea?

My brain hurts...

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    The muzak in the Ikea restaurant
MT: Piro working

Things I need...

...include a little 10" or smaller LCD monitor for the server, so I don't mistakenly leave the KVM switched into the wrong place, and wonder why a headless boot won't work, and then spend ages trying to ping the box and run remote desktop sessions, only to find the poor box was silently screaming for a keyboard...

Thank goodness for the emergency monitor in the old office...

[Update. All up and working. Bloody London Electricity. Another thing I need is a UPS.]
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