February 9th, 2004

No more the shaggy ponies that look the same at both ends...

...as Norman Thelwell has died.

One of my favourite cartoonists, Thelwell lampooned the British middle class and its obsessions with a delightful ease. From pigtailed girls on fat little ponies, to men struggling with the agonies of DIY, his highly detailed drawings captured the eye, and drew attention to the absurdities of life.

He will be missed.

(Pity the exhibition of his work at the Cartoon Art Trust has just finished...)


I wasn't at all happy with the panoramic view of San Diego harbour I posted the other day. I've since remade it using Canon's own panorama software, which is hardcoded with my digital camera's lens characteristics. I think it made a much better job of things - to the extent of being able to stitch a set of images that the other software I'd used had rejected...

Click on the images for the full size panoramas. Be warned though, they're both over 2MB...
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