February 2nd, 2004

How much can you get in a Ford Puma?

My car isn't that big. That's a deliberate choice - living in London means that big cars are impractical, and I try to be vaguely aware of the people around me and their needs, so I went for something quite small.

Now normally that's not a problem. It's a decent car for driving in and out of London, and can take most of what gets loaded into it. But sometimes, you end up overdoing things. Take this Saturday. I went to Ikea with marypcb to get some new furniture for her room, and some shelves for mine. We bought quite a bit of stuff - in fact so much that I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to get it all in. However, with a little bit of shuffling and l33t Tetris skillz we managed.

So, by folding the seats down, using bungy cord to hold the boot closed, and by leaving your passenger to get back to Putney by tram and tube, I discovered that the teeny tiny Puma can hold: 2 Vestby wardrobes, a set of the tallest Ivar with 5 shelves, a small cupboard, a folding table, a duvet, a mattress pad, sundry plants and vases, a poster and a frame, candles and candle holders, and a rather cool lamp...

And I'm sure there was more there, too. All I was left with was a little cockpit area with just enough room to see out and change gear...
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