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December 22nd, 2003

More of Peter Jackson's palaeozoology

After spotting the amphicyons and the (slightly scaled up) trilophodons in The Two Towers, it wasn't suprising to see that Peter Jackson and WETA Digital had gone back to their paleozoology text books for The Return Of The King.

This time, it was the turn of the massive rhinoceros-like titanotheres - most likely Brontotherium - spotted hauling Grond, the giant battering ram of Mordor, in the main battle scenes...

Making a new Windows XP box...

...inside a Windows XP box...

"Angle grinders are almost as much fun to use as chain saws."

[link from codepope as always]

More is better

"More" is actually a wonderful stop motion film, by Mark Osborne, with a New Order soundtrack. Only 6 minutes long, but filmed for IMAX, it's a tragic tale of the price of dreams fulfilled.

Wonderful, wonderful work - watch it here.

(Happy Product comes courtesy of Despair Inc.)

(linkage from codepope)
Today I have been grabbing from Black Books...

Black Books: Manny

...and from For All Mankind...

Mission Control 1CountdownMission Control 2Fire and IceSeparationStagingDrifting

As always, feel free to take and reuse!