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November 17th, 2003

WordprocessingML Schemas now available

Microsoft has just made the WordprocessingML (aka WordML) schemas and documentation available for download outside of the Office 2003 content creation kit. Also, usefully, the SpreadsheetML and FormTemplate XML schemas will be available in an update on December 5th.

Time to server generate those Word documents.

The Templar Matrix

Does anyone else see elements of various Knight Templar/Freemasonry mythos in there?

here be some spoilers...Collapse )

A new web game...

Try using the first three or four characters of your name or initials as the code in a TinyURL link. TinyURL uses up to 4 letters and numbers to encode URLs, so you can end up with some quite strange (and sometimes very apt) links.

So for starters, here are http://tinyurl.com/simo, or http://tinyurl.com/slgb, or http://tinyurl.com/sim. You really don't want to use the first four letter of my surname, but http://tinyurl.com/bis is safe enough!

(Game gacked and slightly modified from Boing Boing)