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November 15th, 2003

Stinging the viruses

Tech conferences are great places for picking up neat little ideas (and plenty of branded tat). One of the most useful things I learnt at last week's IT Forum was the existence of NAI's rather neat little Stinger.

It's a simple tool, a 700K or so executable that detects and disinfects the 44 most prevelant Windows viruses, worms and trojans. Updated every month, it's the sort of thing that's worth sticking on a USB key of administration and debugging tools, and running on every client machine you come across. Just in case...

I think it's about time I started putting together a list of the tools I need, and loading them onto the USB stick I keep on my keyring. You never know just when you might need them...

Today in Llareggub

The BBC's better than expected remake of "Under Milk Wood" just hit cognative dissonance when John Humphrys' voice suddenly appeared...