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November 8th, 2003

Scary scary numbers

In my last entry I wrote about the UCB "How Much Information" study, and how we created 5 exabytes of new information in 2002.

Reading through the report in more depth while working on an article on data storage, backup and archiving, I discovered a rather scary number. Five exabytes is all the words ever spoken by human beings.

iTunes for Windows rocks

It's not often that I rave about a piece of software, but when I find a MP3 jukebox that can cope with my NAS full of tunes, and that can read a Mac formatted iPod on a Windows PC, as well as giving me a huge selection of streamed decent dance music stations (especially Philosomatika and DI.fm's Vocal Trance), I have to give it a plug.

So, big props (as I believe all the cool kids say) to iTunes for Windows. Even if it is hell freezing over...

Buying beer...

...in Ikea.

Yes, the Croydon Ikea, that devouring monstrosity that has eaten almost all of South London fandom at one time or another, is stocking (what hopefully will be) a decent Jul beer from Spendrups. And only £1 a can, too...