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October 21st, 2003

Swords into (sort of) plowshares

Last week saw the last of the Titan 2 "heritage" launches. One of 14 converted nuclear missiles, it launched a military weather satellite from Vandenberg AFB (after a 33 month delay!).

The last of a long line - civilian Titan 2 launchers were the basis of the Gemini manned programme, and one of the refurbished missiles launched the Clementine lunar mission.

MultiIM on Windows Smartphone

MS Smartphone users can now use Y!, ICQ and AIM as well as MSN, with Agile Messenger. There are also versions for Symbian smartphones.

A neat little tool - looks good and takes very little space on the phone. Just make sure you make sure it doesn't use your ring every time a new message turns up....

Oh yes, and it's free.