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August 13th, 2003

Strange web site of the day...

...has to be this one [URL not entirely worksafe, along with contents... though there's nothing wrong with the algorithm...]

Lardy Parks

A whole new dadaist take on vandalism, when a park in Stroud was covered in lard...

[And it's nice to see that The Guardian's CMS has a high-level category for "silly". That'll please my one-time content strategist colleagues amongst the OnFired]

A vaguely eclectic lyrics quiz

In the same vein as many other people, here's my shot at a lyrics quiz. 15 questions, 2 points for artist and track title. Results and answers in a week or so...

[Update: there's an unconcious theme at work here. Songs of Loss and Creation.]

enter here those who dareCollapse )