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June 19th, 2003

Who needs an internet fridge tomorrow...

... when you can have an internet sewing machine today?

Spotted yesterday at the Microsoft Device Alley press event, the Bernina MyArista 200 sewing machine. A computer controlled sewing machine, capable of some quite complicated embroidery when used as a XY plotter, it's also able to use a modem to connect via a built-in web browser to a portal site, where you can download new patterns and stitches.

Rather unusual, and quite intriguing - and a standout among the military translators, home entertainment equipment, exercise machines, and the like...

Continuing shameless self promotion

This week's Guardian Online is now, err, online. Which means yet another Guardian article, this time on how businesses can take advantage of server grid computing technologies.

US newspaper breaches Harry Potter embargo

Apparently there are extracts from the new Harry Potter book in the New York Daily news (due to a health food store that inadvertantly sold the book early). J.K. Rowling is suing...


A new Piro icon, seeing as it looks a little like my desk here!