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June 16th, 2003

40 years ago today...

Web Matrix (Reloaded)

There's a new version of one of my favourite development tools. Web Matrix is a free tool for ASP.NET web application development.

It's not the full blown enterprise development beast that is Visual Studio.NET, but it is a tiny 1.3 MB download (if you ignore the .NET framework prerequisites!), and it does make it easy to build and develop web applications built on top of the latest generation of Microsoft technologies. Give it to your UI coders rather than VS.NET, and you've also saved a lot of money...

(And if this sounds a little one sided, today's task is to go and talk to Sun to find out what they're planning on doing with Rave, their new Java development environment).

And it's only Monday...

I was just talking to a friend in chat about what we do next in the loft conversion, and while talking about shuffling the contents of the rooms around into the new space I said:

"then we defragment the flat..."