May 19th, 2003

Separated at birth?

Two starships, with raggle taggle crews, driven by market forces and implacable governments to the edges of civilised space. Two ships, with outdated technology and unpredictable stardrives. Two ships, caught up in capers, crimes and strange new situations...
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If Duck Tape fails - use the staples Luke...

The emergency safety pillow is now held up by the miraculous power that is staples. The Duck Tape was just not sticking on its own. I think the adhesive wasn't bonding well to the plywood.

So I stapled the tape to the wood.


The pillow is now in a cradle of tape, and the tape is securely held to the temporary ceiling. And we can still use the ladder to go in and out, when we need to talk to the Daves.

Staple guns. When you just need to make it stay up.
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