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May 13th, 2003

One program in 515 languages

The 99 Bottles Of Beer project is one of the stranger pieces of geekery you'll find on the net.

Its aim is to collect programs that print the lyrics of that old "favourite" song in as many different computer languages as possible - from the sublime to the ridiculous (and not avoiding the downright scary!)...

10 REM BASIC Version of 99 Bottles of beer
20 FOR X=100 TO 1 STEP -1
30 PRINT X;"Bottle(s) of beer on the wall,";X;"bottle(s) of beer"
40 PRINT "Take one down and pass it around,"
50 PRINT X-1;"bottle(s) of beer on the wall"
(link found on that source of all good links: Boing Boing)

Building progress

Today the builders are putting up a temporary ceiling in our hall, to keep the rubble away when they remove a large chunk of roof.

I say "putting up", but "have put up" may well be a better choice of phrase. They began putting it in at 8.30 am. It's almost finished now. It takes me several hours just to put up a shelf.

I want one of those biiiiig nail guns.


A first shot at a company logo...

Though I think I actually prefer this version, with no background:

You can tell I'm not a graphic designer...

Mind your head...

...as I didn't (ouch!)...

We have severely reduced headroom at the top of the stairs going into the office. Walking at speed into a wooden beam is not nice. Not nice at all. However, bruised foreheads and aching necks go with the territory, I suppose.

So I have fitted a pillow. It may help...

So just how much room is there?Collapse )