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May 9th, 2003

Useful sites: craigslist london

Net folk in London may have missed the arrival of craigslist to our shores. Spun out of an early net mailing list, craigslist is perhaps best thought of as a free community noticeboard - crossed with Loot.

It's still young, but with any luck could end up being an essential community resource like the original US site - it really just needs a critical mass of people to get going. I know a lot of folk in the Bay Area who swear by it...

Spread the word...


Poll #132992 metapoll

Should I create my first poll?

Just use the miniPCI card out of a Linksys wireless router...

Read these instructions first, though!

(thanks to codepope for pointing this out)

"What's the dark, Mummy?"

Apparently 98% of British children don't sleep in total darkness...

Building progress...

I can see sky through the gap in the loft hatch...

The Sky, The Eyeballs In The Sky!

Liberation Day

Today is the nearest thing to a national holiday back home, as it's Liberation Day - the day we celebrate the end of the Occupation.

So here's the Liberation Square webcam (and a selection of other island cams...), and the words to the nearest thing we Jerriais have to a national anthem.

Ma NormandieCollapse )