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May 8th, 2003

More neat blogging tools: GeoURL

I've just registered this blog with GeoURL. It's a URL to real-world mapper, that uses meta tags containing the latitude and longitude of a place to index it in relation to other sites that have registered their locations.

Click on the logo in the sidebar of the main view to find out what other sites are created by folk near me...

This week's shameless self promotion

Another Guardian piece for Inside IT is online (and in today's paper). This time it's on blade servers.

Apparently they're putting cartoons with them now - I really must buy a print edition to find out! (I never got fillos with my fanzine pieces!)
As documented in "iTunes Music Store and the WWW" on Tim Bray's blog.

Turns out that there's a URI structure for querying Apple's store, and that all data returned is in XML format. So armed with a HTTP engine and an XML parser you can build your own iTunes search system. It's not finished yet, and Tim identifies some definite issues that need to be sorted out, but there's a web services API under here (using a similar REST approach to Amazon's).

Here's a sample query:


Just click on it to see the XML results and laugh at my taste in 80s prog rock.

Now how long before Apple publishes the APIs?

Sluggy Freelance meets...


I wonder just what the "Perfectly Ordinary Rabbit" is...

Blast from the past

Infogrames is changing its name to Atari.

So how's about building us some nice new Tempest machines?

(And what's going to happen to that cute rainbow armadillo logo?)

Quiz Attack!

And it was my favourite Who, too...

Tom 'n' Lalla
You are The Years Of Tom And Lalla. You are a thing
of immense joy and happiness. All should
worship before you. On the negative side,
you're a bit too clever for your own good.

Which Doctor Who Season Are You?
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