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May 1st, 2003

This week's shameless self promotion...

In today's Guardian, in Inside IT: Appliance of Google's science. A look at enterprise search tools and technologies.

Also, now live on the Application Development Advisor site, the latest Internet Development column: Extending Zope. We've now seen the PDF's of the new expanded joint column (marypcb handling business implications, me on technology), on building and running corporate blogs.

Dick Tracy here we come...

As NTT Docomo launches the Wristomo.

¥37,000 (about £195) for a watch that's a phone and a web browser.

More details (and a picture) here.

Weird technology mutation of the day...

...Sony's Vaio GT3/K. It's the unholy mix you get when you mix a laptop with a pro-DV recorder.

Very strange.

Appropriate songs for the Maying

One of the best albums of the last 5 years is XTC's "Apple Venus Volume 1". I've been known to describe it as a recording that's fallen out of a parallel universe, where instead of San Francisco, the hub of psychedelia was the West Country. It's Glastonbury psychedelia, informed by the British rural tradition, and lifted by a 1000 years of folk songs and a couple of hundred years of local brass bands - and the work done by folk-rock bands like Fairport Convention.

Two songs on the album are songs that need to be listened to today, songs driven by the spring festivals that were at the heart of the seasons turnings, and the rituals that bound villages together - under eyes of both the old and new gods.:

GreenmanCollapse )

Easter TheatreCollapse )

(thanks to shadesong for inspiring this post with hers about "Padstow", and to rowanf for her tale of today's Maying in Minehead...)