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April 24th, 2003

Shameless Self Promotion

More this week in The Guardian - this time writing about small Linux servers and server appliances.


Somehow I keep coming up with peculiar, slightly cryptic, crossword clues.

Last night, as I piled old cardboard boxes from the loft outside the front of the house, I realised that "Father Dougal sees the vampire slayer in windy weather" was an eight letter word.

A fun afternoon...

A quick blog entry from the bowels of a hotel in somewhere in West London, where I am attending the UK press launch for Windows Server 2003 - and where I'm piggybacking off their wireless network. Lots of Powerpoint and demos. It's a mix of useful information and marketing nibble. There's a lot of important stuff going on here...

The next thing for me to do will be to get it all running on the servers at home to see just how well it really works...