April 22nd, 2003

Eastercon additions to the library

One of the delights of a big con like Eastercon is the dealers' room. This year's con Seacon had an excellent selection of dealers and books. Along with the wonder that is the BSFA tombola (5 tickets for £1, and an excellent chance of winning)...
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Twenty nine books in total (of which nine were hardcovers, ten were trades, and two oversize). Good job I'd taken the car...

(Oh, and if the numbers don't seem to tally, that's because one of the books was a compilation of two PS Publishing novellas, and I have entered them on the main list seperately...)
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There's a thief in the house...

...and he's not ashamed to admit it.

A triumphant Jeoffrey has just sauntered in yowling proudly and carrying a large slice of processed chicken in his mouth. The square watery stuff that we'd not let anywhere near our cix:gourmet certified kitchen...

Now, which neighbour do we need to go and apologise to?
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