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April 21st, 2003

Things that make you go grrr....

Coming back after Eastercon to find that some one has mailed one of your addresses several times, obviously in error, informing someone that their email address has changed, and could whoever it is phone them to let them know the mail has got through, each time getting more and more agitated...

I sent them a polite reply, but they really need to check who they're sending to before they starting sending test messages...

At least the spamkiller nailed 230 pieces over the weekend. Not too shabby. I think it may well have classed our not so friendly mail tester as spam though...

Ooops. I guess it pays to check just who you're sending mail to. Or what automated software they may be running...
"Are there penguins in Australia?"
"This character in the book I'm reading has just seen penguins and kangaroos."
"Yes, I'm pretty sure there are."
"With the dinner jackets and all?"
"Some, but I think a lot of them are blue..."

And they are. Meet the Little Fairy Penguin.

(And say, "Aaaaw... cute...")