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February 18th, 2003

Photographic evidence

Thanks to codepope's teeny tiny digicam, and a quick edit in a graphics package to clean things up a little, here's the "generic slogan" banner in all its, errr, glory.
...and here's one we made earlier...Collapse )
...as Miyazaki's Spirited Away. is out on April 15th..

...as is Kiki's Delivery Service and Castle In The Sky...

...and they're all double disc with a John Lasseter introduction, too. Looks like Disney may be treating classic anime right for once...

Why no entries yesterday?

Because the nice folks at the Ealing Common branch Ora Dental were dealing with my problem from last week. So now I have no wisdom teeth left.

And today? Well, it's sort of ouch. Followed by ouch. With a dose or two of soup. And plenty of salt water mouth rinses.

(And an excuse for a link heavy blog entry)

Comets around the Sun

The SOHO solar observation probe is producing some amazing images of the interactions between the Sun and the NEAT comet - including it possibly being hit by a solar eruption.

More SOHO images can be found here and here.
Snowed in on the East Coast, Mark Pilgrim has put together a tool for creating magnetic poetry from web sites.

Just replace the end of this URL (http://diveintomark.org/magnetic/diveintomark.org) with your blog or LJ or whatever, and play!

Here's a set of magnets for this blog.

Time to change the look of your SPV?

The default screens that come with the Orange SPV are a tad boring. So here's a site to help out...

For some reason I'm now using an OS X look with a squashed penguin in a stamp as the background to my normal view.