December 31st, 2002

Travels 2002: a summary

For a year I thought would end up spent mostly at home, 2002 was actually pretty widely traveled - involving 3 continents and 7 countries (8 if you count autonomous provinces).
  • Lanzarote - wonderful volcanic landscapes and a warm winter break. I think we may well be going back in 2003.
  • France - a wedding in Paris and a reception at a small manor house in the Normandy countryside. And of course, suitcases full of cassoulet.
  • Spain - a conference in Barcelona, with wonderful sea food and interesting panels - and the most amazing architecture.
  • Jersey - several trips, including the British National SF convention and a family weekend on my home Island. And I got to show rowanf and her mother the sights... And sunbathing on the beaches of yesteryear...
  • USA - two weeks in Northern California and Silicon Valley for the San Jose Worldcon, which became a wonderful holiday in the warm late summer staying with rowanf and ocean_song. Hummingbirds, sea otters and bookshops, oh me, oh my. And Highway 18, twisting and turning over the Santa Cruz mountains...
  • Belgium - a weekend's gourmandising in Bruges with the gathered clans of cix:gourmet. Chocolate and canals, and a wood-fired grill that we will definitely be visiting again.
  • Ireland - another weekend visit, this time to the Irish SF convention, Octocon. Much fun, much Guinness, and much rain...
  • Denmark - another conference, in Copenhagen. Cold and crisp, with plenty to think about - and excellent meals to brainstorm the mobile Internet.
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