November 14th, 2002

On the naming of things

Now that XML is everywhere, at least on the server side of things, we need better tools for managing it on our desktop PCs. Jon Udell's latest piece at Infoworld illuminates how Microsoft are approaching this in Office 11 - in a refreshingly open manner, too...

A wonderful quote from Microsoft's Jean Paoli: "The whole thing about XML is to give names to things which are in general not named."
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More Switching: Build your own Sherlock 3 searches

For the the more XML aware of the switchers amongst us, Apple has now released the Sherlock 3 channel development kit - a useful piece of code building that helps you create your own Sherlock channels and searches. Now, mix that with the Amazon and Google SDKs, and there's something very interesting starting to take shape: desktop web services.

Now, can I use it with Rendezous? UPnP web service management: a scary scary thought.
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