September 25th, 2002

Computer annoyances (part N of infinity)

The new TiBook is here, and I'm working on getting everything I need installed on it.

So, of course I need to get all my bookmarks moved over to it (which is also a good time to get my bookmarks synced up across all my working machines and OSes). It turned out that the main bookmark list is held on my work laptop, so I exported it from IE 6.0 there, and mailed it to myself at home.

Importing an IE 6.0 export into IE 6.0 is easy enough. Unfortunately IE 5.2 on a Mac completely refuses to do anything with it, while Mozilla and Chimera are quite happy with the file. In fact, to get the bookmarks imported into IE 5.2 meant importing into Mozilla and then exporting as a Mozilla bookmark file, which IE 5.2 could then read quite happily.


It's not meant to be this hard! Now, what I really want is to be able to publish my bookmarks to a web service somewhere, and then let all my browsers subscribe to an RSS feed from that service. If there's a change, new values can be downloaded from the service, and new bookmarks uploaded. That way all my browsers (whether IE or Mozilla derivatives) could stay in sync.
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