September 22nd, 2002

Strange things found on the web: Typophile collaborative font design

An intriguing concept, Typophile is a font design web site that is running an interesting project - collaborative font design. Presented with a grid of black and white pixels, you get to choose if the orange pixel gets to be black or white. Eventually this process should converge on a letter shape, that can be tuned to a mutually pleasing shape, pixel by pixel. At the moment it still looks like a bit of a jumble...

(There's a lot of Flash here - but then it is a site for designers...)
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A quick and easy autumn dinner: Roasted vegetables and sausages.

A regular meal at the East Putney Museum of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art (and Lending Library):


  • Two sweet potatoes

  • A large handful of potatoes

  • One aubergine

  • Two onions

  • A head of garlic

  • Olive oil

  • Eight sausages

Wash and chop vegetables (no need to peel) and lay in a large flat roasting tin. Slice onions and add. Garlic can be either chopped or added as whole cloves (you can mix cloves and sliced garlic if you want). Pour over olive oil, and then lay on sausages. Place in an oven at 180C until done (round about 45 minutes). You may need to tun sausages once at about 30 minutes. We recommend Waitrose pork, roast onion and gruyere sausages for a rich warming flavour.

As a vegetarian alternative, use slices of haloumi.
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